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Take a look around you are free to shop for anything you like. Halo Codes are optional. We just encourage you to find a favorite animal rescue.

Step 2

If you find something you like add it to your cart and checkout. All your purchases are tax-deductible & proceeds help to save more animals.

We're Non-Profit

Step 3

If you would like your shopping to benefit one of our rescue partners. You just need to add their Halo Code at checkout. Please note we're young, but someday hope to have hundreds of animal rescues to choose from.

Step 4

If you can't find your favorite animal rescues Halo Code, They may still need to register. Let them know if you can. They can register on Rescue Markets

Online Shopping

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Making A Difference

If you love it. Buy it, enjoy it, tell your friends where you got it. All the while you'll be helping our animal rescue partners raise money to save more animals in need.

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Pet Toys

Toys For Transport

When you buy toys from Rescue Markets you're saving more animals for transport to new homes



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